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April 08 2015


Assessing For Success

"Management by objectives works if you first think through your objectives. Ninety percent of the time, you haven't."

Peter Drucker, Management Guru

1909 - 2005

Assessing For Success: Exposing the Misinformation about Assessments

Assessment: To determine the rate or amount of; to make an official valuation of for the purposes of judgment; to determine the importance, size, or value of something or someone.

Why do most professionals get the assessment process wrong?

In a recent presentation to a group of coaching professionals, we confirmed that many of CRGs concerns with how, where, why, what, and when assessments are deployed are serious and legitimate.

It appears that many professionals in the career, HR, training, and coaching fields have just enough information about assessments to be dangerous -- but not enough to be knowledgeable.

It also appears that academics (professors) are misleading their students about tests and assessments -- and the true purpose of these processes.

Why is CRG on this crusade?!

We believe most professionals are well meaning but are seriously deficient in their understanding of the differences between assessments and tests -- and their respective purpose in the personal and professional development process.

Test Your Knowledge and Understanding of Assessment Design

1.What does Ipsative mean?

2.What does Psychometric mean?

3.What are Norms?

4.What does Reliability mean?

5.What does Predictive Validity mean?

6.What does Face Validity mean?

7.What is the difference between a test and an assessment?

8.What is the purpose of an myers-briggs type indicator personality test assessment?

The reality is that most professionals do not have the correct answers to the above questions. Because many think they do, we find that ignorance is one of the biggest issues we face.

A coach in attendance at our program was a PhD student in the midst of his measurement module. During the break, he came to me to say how relieved he was.

"Youre right about the half-truths and misinformation about tests and measurement. For weeks I have been struggling with some of teachings in my class that were not congruent with the development of a person. It seemed the entire focus was about the test and its design, never about how this testing process was going to impact the user or client. In fact the administrators elitist and arrogant attitude proclaimed that he, as The Professional, was the only one qualified to tell a person who he or she is."

For over 2 decades, we have witnessed the mentality that "only professionals with test results in hand are qualified to assess." As the participant, you could not possibly know yourself, right?

Assessments should never be about the test itself. They must ALWAYS be about what the process will do for the individual, team, or group. Unfortunately many professionals make it about their being right and about the test results -- not about the actionable information an individual can understand and own from the process.

Misinformation from Ipsative Designed Tools

For years many assessments have claimed predictive validity and the ability to create norms for specific groups. The problem with these statements is that these assessments are based on an Ipsative design -- where you have interrelated scales or responses to a question such as least-most or rank-order scales.

All assessments that use this type of design can never have predictive validity or the ability to create norms. That means any such claims are simply false.

Yet many assessments in the marketplace still make such statements

Lessons We Have Learned about the Assessment Process

-Because something is popular does not mean it is valid or of good quality.

oFor example, the June 2005 Journal of Consulting Psychology had serious concerns about the validity of MBTI, even though many professionals still use it.

oPay attention to the design structure.

-You need to understand and challenge the assessment methodology

oTake the survey/assessment process seriously!

-Cute images and metaphors devalue the assessment process and content -- for example, animals, colors, and other non-related images. If, as the user, I do not understand the model on its own without explanation, dont expect me to have a memory long enough to apply it.

oAll assessments and processes must and should have a purpose. The assessment MUST be about serving the user, not the professional.

oDont confuse the user by having several different models on the same topic.

oYou must consider the implications of liability in using predictive tools.

oIpsative tools cannot have predictive validity.

oThe 360 process can have huge value as part of the assessment process.

oIf it requires your presence to administer or debrief, you have created a dependency relationship, not an empowered relationship.

oIf the client does not understand the process for achieving the results, how can he or she act on the information in the future?

oMost Clients Dont Want to Take a Test

Principles to Consider

Give psychology away for the benefit of the learner.

Assessments are something that you do with your clients, not to your clients.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Using Assessment

oWhat is the purpose of an assessment?

oWhat are some of the benefits to the client of using assessments?

oWhat are some of the benefits to the professional of using assessments?

oWhy should you consider using assessments as a part of most coaching interventions?

Questions about the Assessment(s) You Are Considering

oIs the assessment professional and would it be taken seriously?

oIs it really valid?

oIs it easy to use and understand?

oIs the language understandable on its own . . . without explanation?

oDo you fully understand the design and application?

What Can You Assess?

oAnything and everything:


-Personal Style




-Interests and Gifts

-Entrepreneurial Skills

-Communication Skills


Assessments are very powerful and practical tools to accelerate the personal and professional development process. If used incorrectly or with misinformation, however, you can do more harm than good.

Pay attention to the details and always consider the benefits and outcomes the assessment will have for the participant. If there are no benefits, why bother with the process?

That is why all CRG assessments have been developed with the learner in mind -- and the fact that 80% of professionals switch to CRG resources once the differences have been revealed to them.

Personality Type Compatibility - Best Matches

After doing a personality test, someone asked, "Which type would make a good match as a spouse for my type?" Not knowing what resource I'd recommend, I looked at the latest thinking on this and considered whether or not the saying is true: "Opposites attract, and then attack." I learned it is true, they do! And alikes, though easy relationships to start, don't have much to offer each other and easily become ...BORING .

The Socionics approach provides a helpful guide on how to forecast the major ways relationships of the various paired combinations will psychologically develop. This approach is based on the personality typing work of Carl Jung, which we know today as Myers-Briggs Personality Types. At the same time, do keep in mind that as the MBTI® page on Facebook says,

While happy and functional relationships are found in all type combinations, and type differences and similarities are likely to be only one of possible sources of difficulty in a relationship, understanding the differences may help during trying times in a relationship.

How to Find Yourself and Your Best Match. Socionics. The Modern Approach to Psychological Types

The personality types of two people form the core of the relationship and that core can tell us various degrees of compatibility. Of course, the relationships between actual people are complicated by many different factors and life choices. However, Socionics can "anticipate the development in human relationships with incredible accuracy."

Compatible or combating relationships

by Argyriou

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The Socionics approach has shown me that the question of compatibility between personality types involves more than oppositeness, or complete alikeness of type. The most compatible type to our own actually has some of both; some parts of the personality are in a sense opposite and some parts alike.

Not only that, but there are degrees of psychological compatibility among the various possible pairings of personality type. Socionics.com lists 14 different degrees of compatibility!

Those incompatible are:








These have more problems with their relationship than people with compatible personality types.

Those most compatible are:








These have less problems with their relationship than people with incompatible personality types.

(All 14 pairs are listed on a complete chart of relationships between personality types.)

So which kind of pairing, and thus which type, would make a good spouse?

Let's consider a few "degrees" of pairings as to their compatibleness, or the lack there of.

A look at five of these pairings: Conflicting, Duality, Identical, Activity, Mirror

Completely opposite types have difficult challenges

by Ed Yourdon

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Conflicting Pairs of Personality Types

Least compatibility for long-term interactions

In the early stages of a relationship's development, two people of complete opposite personality types can seem rather attractive, interesting. The other looks to have impressive abilities. Look out, though! As the relationship moves forward and initial problems come up, they mistakenly think that the cause of these problems is minor and can easily be fixed. NOT!

Opposite personality types can have the worst compatibility among all other relations.

Conflicting pairs:




ESTp - INFj  

INTj - ESFp 

ENFj - ISTp  

INFp - ESTj 

ENTp - ISFj 


"A well laid-out and thoroughly readable introduction to psychological temperaments and personality types."

They soon find that when further problems come up and conflict starts, the pair hits each other with arguments exactly in the direction where they can cause maximum pain! In return, the other partner may counterattack even more aggressively.

With every conflict these relations then become worse and worse. Such pairs are completely unable to protect and take care of each other's weak points which are so opposite to their own.

Best compatibility for long-term interactions

Pairs are ordered with the highest degree of compatibility first:

Two halves of a whole

by zooskpix

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Duality Pairs of Personality Types

Two people of "Dual" personality types have the most favorable and comfortable interactions of all the intertype relations. Dual partners are like two halves of a whole! They have complete psychological compatibility with each other. They will find that they understand each other's intentions without any need to say a word.

This immediate understanding allows you to be yourself, without the need to adjust, saving both you and your partner a lot of energy! Your Dual partner will naturally protect your weak points and also appreciate the strong ones without asking for anything in return. Conflicts between Duals are very rare, and if there are any, they are normally short lived https://dribbble.com/freepersonalitytest and solved without pain.

Duality pairs:

ESTp - INFp  

ESTj - INFj 

ESFj - INTj  

ESFp - INTp  

ENTp - ISFp  

ENTj - ISFj  

ENFj - ISTj 

ENFp - ISTp 

Surprisingly, it is difficult to notice your Dual partner among all the other types, and even easier to just pass them by. Only after being together for a fair amount of time do the partners start realizing how much they need each other.

There are at least two conditions for a successful relationship between Duals.

1. There has to be at least a minimal mutual attraction.

2. Most importantly, each partner truly strives for the same or similar things. This may include common interests and/or life goals, as two halves of the same whole must not repel or move in the different directions.

The more developmental stages completed by Duals in their relationship, the more unbreakable their relationship will be. If relations crumble, it normally happens in the first stage of the relationship.

Identical focus and view - like this pair of horses

by jacksonpe

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Identical Pairs of Personality Types

Two alike people of Identical personality type have complete understanding between them. They see the world with identical eyes. They identically process received information. They come to identical conclusions and have identical perceptual problems. Identical partners usually experience sympathy towards each other, trying to support and justify each other.

However, Identical personality types have an inability to help the other in a big way. They each basically think the same way, having identical preferences for their focus on life. Identical pairs are, for example; ENTp - ENTp and ISFp - ISFp.

Although partners with an Identical type share a sympathy towards each other, the interaction quickly becomes boring. Unless partners have common interests, are working on the same project, or one partner has sufficient preponderance in new knowledge to benefit the other, all seems boringly the same. Identical partners may for a time receive new information from or about each other and so the relationship comes alive, but just for a short period of time.

Couple that enjoys the same activity

by Swiv

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Activity Pairs of Personality Types

The two personality types of these pairs stimulate each other into activity. This relationship is the easiest and quickest to start. Interaction with an activity partner becomes surprisingly satisfying in the beginning, especially if both partners feel a mutual attraction.

Continuous interaction over a long period, however, becomes like an overactivation that can readily result in an overall tiredness of each other. It's like getting too much of a good thing and the partners then need a short rest from each other. After a rest, though, they can enjoy a positive interaction once again. Without such breaks from each other, though, they find they negatively, instead of positively, stimulate each other. Therefore, the Activity pairs get into an oscillating rhythm of activity, rest, activity, rest.

When it comes to doing everyday life together, Activity partners often meet with many problems. An Activity partner's advice can always be accurate, right on, but no amount of such advice will ever turn the other's weakness into strength.

Activity pairs:

ENTp - ESFj  

ESFp - ENTj  

ISFp - INTj  

INTp - ISFj  

ENFj - ESTp  

ESTj - ENFp  

ISTj - INFp  

INFj - ISTp 

Why identify best-fit type?

Communication among Activity pairs always requires adjustments. One partner may think of it as too foggy and not concrete enough, whereas for the other partner it is too unrefined -- quite a difference in views.

Collaboration is also difficult, because Activity partners cannot predict each other's behavior, even in what seems to be ordinary situations! Because of this, they cannot rely on or count on each other in full. Most of the problems that arise in Activity relationships are because one partner is always Perceiving (P) or taking in what life brings and the other is always Judging (J), drawing conclusions about it. Their approaches are opposite.

Birds of same coloring

by ibm4381

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Mirror Pairs of Personality Types

Two people of Mirror personality types experience a relationship of mutual correction. Mirror partners have similar interests and ideas, but a slightly different understanding of a given problem, and thus keep correcting each other. Each partner can see only half of one problem. Therefore these pairs always find interesting the other partner's different thinking.

Mirror partners are often very good friends. When they work together on the same project, their mutual correction and adjustment becomes a constructive criticism of each other.

Mirror partners can generally agree about setting near future goals, but they disagree about global aims. Also, these pairs usually lack a warm atmosphere between the two of them. The main discomfort in these relations is caused by the difference in Judging (J) and Perceiving (P).

Mirror pairs:

ENTp - INTj  

ESFp - ISFj  

ISFp - ESFj  

INTp - ENTj  

ENFj - INFp  

ESTj - ISTp  

ISTj - ESTp  

INFj - ENFp 

What one Mirror partner considers solid and final appears incomplete and changeable to the other. This difference may often puzzle them, especially when they carry out mutual plans. It seems to them that the other partner simply didn't get it (the main concept). Therefore, they attempt to correct each other's understanding, but usually are unsuccessful. So confident they are in their own understanding, Mirror partners can be involved in really hot disputes and can even come to blows for the sake of their own opinion.

MBTI and Socionics: Legacy of Dr. Carl Jung

In Summary

This gives a taste of how when we know the mechanism of inter-type relations, we can potentially grasp problems created by the particular incompatibilities our own personality types will have with others. The Socionics inter-type relations shows me why I and a work colleague can so easily communicate. We are one of the above "Duality Pairs" and, as it describes, that colleague and I seem to know immediately what the other's intentions are behind the words said or things done.

So, I encourage you to take a look at Socionics to help you in your relating and relationship choices. Socionics can tell us, for example, which relationships will likely require a lot of energy to communicate and which will not. Relationships, of course, are impacted by many other factors in addition to our mental preferences, so I am suggesting this simply as one of the major impacts on our relationships.

Personality Type Matching

 Last updated on February 2, 2014

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April 07 2015


Increase Workplace Productivity With The Myers-briggs Type Indicator (mbti)

Many employers throughout the world use an effective tool known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a way to gauge their workforces and advantageously place them into position on teams or throughout the company where they will be most effective. Based on their inputs, this psychological survey places individuals into four categories focused on their attitudes, perceptions, judgment, and lifestyles.

The uses of MBTI results can be used in almost every type of work. Employers can use the results for employee placement based on communication aptitude, ability to solve problems, marketing traits, and other important factors to building a productive workforce.

The MBTI does not identify the skills of the person being tested. Instead, it determines the work ethics and perceptions of individuals. The results of the survey are derived from the personal preferences of the respondent rather than their abilities. Knowing how an individual prefers to work allows employers to put them in environments that they are content with working in and the outcome is increased productivity.

Using the four categories, employees can be broken into four key groups. Each of the four groups is further broken into two classifications, which are each given a single letter. The final results are published as a four character readout that breaks out each of the classifications of each category such as ENTP or ISFJ.

Category 1: Attitude. Attitude is broken into the subcategories extravert (E) and introvert (I). An extravert is expressive of their emotions, is very social, and works better when they are in groups. Opposite of extraverts are introverts, who prefer working alone and possibly in pairs. They have their https://www.facebook.com/pages/Free-Personality-Test/615796118551501 own internal motivations and often keep their thoughts to themselves.

Category 2: Perceiving. This category is divided into sensing (S) and intuition (N). A sensing individual need facts and want projects or broad ideas broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. A person with an intuition preference likes to experiment with new ideas and theories. They understand large projects and broad ideas when they are given the overall objective.

Category 3: Judgment. Subcategories: Thinking (T) and Feeling (F). Employees that have higher ratings in thinking solve problems using logical approaches. They prefer to be given rules and reasonable expectations. On the contrary, people that are categorized as being feeling individuals do not need specific rules and are more comfortable in situations that are new to them. In fact, they often do better when broad guidelines are set for them rather than strict standards.

Category 4: Lifestyle. Subcategories: Judging (J) and Perceiving (P). Do not get these subcategories of lifestyle confused with categories one and two. A judging individual favors having everything set up for them by someone else. They want timelines and rules established for them. Most of them will take thorough notes and adhere to schedules and checklists. Perceiving individuals differ in that they are more spontaneous and work better when they do not have strict deadlines or rules. Because of this, they are far more flexible.

Using this data, employers can have a better picture of their employee and their individual preferences and working styles. They can take full advantage of this data and assign work and form teams accordingly, greatly improving workplace productivity. Regardless of the reasoning, the MBTI is a great tool for any employer.

About the Author:

INTJ Brazil is a multi-language forum that has members around the planet, because of the World Wide Web. Discussions about MBTI is one example of a topic of interest to posters.

What is Your Personality Type? Type A, B, C or D?

People with type B traits are laid back individuals. They have the ability to relax, enjoy small accomplishments and "stop to smell the roses" along the way. They are rarely stressed and hardly ever become aggressive or frustrated with people or projects.

They tend to be calm, patient individuals and are generally uncompetitive as they often take the "win some, lose some" approach. Although type B personalities are still planners by nature they rarely complain or stress about the outcome of those plans should they not fall just so.

Type B personalities are also tolerant and flexible when it comes to work and life situations. They easily adapt to change and consequently can kick bad habits sooner than their counterparts type A. Change is no big deal to a type B personality it is 'just part of life and they move with the punches so to speak.

People with type B personalities are social by nature and enjoy being in large groups. They are often fun individuals and people generally love being in the type B's company because of this. They have the ability to express their feelings and are not outwardly judgmental when listening or speaking with someone with opposing viewpoints.

However, people with type B personalities are often procrastinators as they enjoy life rather than constantly focusing on a goal or project(s). Often time's type B personalities are the last ones to complete their work or studies because of this faulty trait.

They are often considered too relaxed and are sometimes criticized by family, friends, co-workers etc. for their laid back approach to life.

March 13 2015


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Define Your Career With A Better Education

By: Nitish Kumar | - Hyderabad is a renowned city of Southern India. The city is the capital city of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is located in the Deccan Plateau on the Musi River. The city is one the most populated cities of the country and the sixth most populated metropolitan cities of the country. The city was founded and established by the Qutub Shahi Dynasty and by its founder Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The city is known to be existing since ages and has undergone several reformations and transform ...

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The Bedouin Peoples Of The Middle East

By: Brian Thomas | - The Bedouin are an Arabian ethnic group from the Middle East who have traditionally been divided into nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes or clans known as a ir. The name Bedouin can be literally translated as those in the dessert and is a very good description of these ancient and noble peoples.

Loyalty to family, tribe and peoples first

The Bedouin are a fiercely loyal group of peoples who have a cultural hierarchy based on the loyalty of kinship. This hierarchy ...

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Importance Of Bedtime Music And Music Toys For Babies

By: allbabymusic | - Baby bed time music is something every baby would like to listen for a peaceful sleep. Consciously or unconsciously realized by every parent that babies have an innate reflex to music. For some parents, making their baby sleep is not a hard task, but for some it might be a horrified experience. Sleepless nights for parents because of babies are one problem that persists everywhere. Baby bed time music is most needed for newly born till the baby is one year old. Music has an amazing reflexion. It ...

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Beginning Your Career With An Online Beat Maker

By: Elliot Hoheisel | - Making beats isnt nearly as hard as it was previously thanks largely to online beat maker programs.If youre asking yourself why theres so much tadaa recently about them, heres a few reasons why

If you use real instruments to help make your own beats, your outlay may run into 1000s of dollars.Not only will you have to have a host of musical instruments, but in addition all kinds of other equipment like a sound mixing desk and others.When youre just starting out you ...

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The Best Way To Decide On The Best Beat Making Program

By: Frankie Gregor | - There is a variety of software on the internet claiming to be the top beat making program.Irrespective of why you desire to make your own beats, in order to get started youll need to investigate further and take at least one of them for a test drive but which one?You need to keep a lot of things in mind.Just some of them are how soon youll actually be able to use it and be making beat, how much it costs and if it fits your financial budget as well as, if itll operate on your pc.

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How To Choose The Best Beat Maker Software

By: Frankie Gregor | - With the beat makers in the marketplace these days, how can we know which of the finest beat maker software programs to choose? The reality is there are several very good beat maker software with a lot of appealing features. However, in case you are just setting out to take your first number of tentative steps towards creating your own music beats, then Dubturbo is unquestionably the most effective beat maker software programs titles for you.

After the launch of beat maker software ...

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Are You Able To Produce My Own Beats?

By: Frankie Gregor | - Have you ever asked yourself if you can make your very own beats then the response must be certainly, you are able to. Obviously, you'll need your own musical ability as well as inclination. If you have that, then today's technology have produced it incredibly easy for you to create your own beats. When creating music, beats are the initial things you will need to make. You may make your own beats presently with the software that's available on the net. Additionally there is the hardware route t ...

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Helpful Advice On How To Make Your Own Personal Beats.

By: Elliot Hoheisel | - If you're an aspiring musician and would like to understand how to go about making your very own beats then the internet will now be able to help you out. Prior to the internet, generating beats was the most difficult area of song creation. The most basic beats are comprised of drums. This is what sets both the tone as well as the pace of the music. It doesn't matter what type of music you are looking to create, it may be hip hop or country, the beat is often the most distinguishable factor. Get ...

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Producing Your Own Beats Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

By: Elliot Hoheisel | - You dont have to be Dr. Dre to get started on making your own beatsIf you got musical skills and can spot good beats if you hear them then yes - you can make your own beats.It isnt that difficult and youll really like doing itIt takes a moderate investment along with a real love for music, though.No, you wont need to purchase pricey studio equipment or repeatedly rent crazy-high studio space.

Anyone can get studio quality sounds to play around with in your home.That is, ...

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A Few Easy Ways To Make Your Own Music Beats

By: Frankie Gregor | - If perhaps youve been considering producing your own music beats, youre in luck.While you are going to need innate ability along with the patience to constantly tinker with a tune, there are several beat making programs which can be utilized to make music.You don't need a lot of expensive instruments, all of which you have to play with equal skill.In addition, you'll need a sound mixing desk and lots of other things.Sure, the basics of creating beats are essentially the same. But beat make ...

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Just How Can A Dubstep Music Maker Enable You To Design Your Very Own Beats?

By: Elliot Hoheisel | - If you want to make effective music, you can use several different Dubstep music makers in the marketplace. Since the software is so user friendly, after just a few hits on the key-board even a amateur will create the music they want. Besides the basic music maker programs you can find even more advanced types available too. These applications produce sounds which are excellent and come at a high price. It's up to you which Dubstep music maker you select. You will simply have to find the softwa ...

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The Fast And Straightforward Approach To Create Your Own Beat!

By: Elliot Hoheisel | - Do you want to make your own beat? While using modern software programs, this method is now easy and quick. If you feel you've got adequate potential within you to make great music, you will have to start by creating your own beats. Beats will be the heart of a track. Originally simply being of the beats of your drum, it's now reached remarkable amounts of refinement with all sorts of sounds. Beats not just distinguish the various styles of music in addition they set the tone of the track.


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Important Guidelines For Purchasing An Online Music Maker

By: Frankie Gregor | - In the event youre just starting your musical journey by learning how to make your own beats, the easiest and the easiest way is to find an online music maker.Not only are they really easy to learn and use, they're by far the most reasonably priced option.Mixing your very own beats was previously very expensive, but thats not true anymore.

The internet makes it less of a challenge to produce music with all kinds of different sounds from a variety of instruments.Now, using the ...

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Best Hindi Movie 2011

By: umar | - Super-hero is back again in the living space of Bollywood's dream world and so do the magic of sci-fi thriller in this year's most awaited thriller titled RA.ONE. After the amazing success of Rakesh Roshan's super-hit super-hero flick KRRISH (2006), this Shahrukh Khan techno-friendly magnum opus is the second in this league with a dazzling international cinematic look. Anubhav Sinha, the techno-whiz directorial talent who has stylish thrillers like DUS and CASH to his credits, apart from the mel ...

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The Sights And The Sounds Of Parklife 2011

By: Ted Brumby | - You'll hear the latest from Swedish songstress Lykke Li, whose new album Wounded Rhymes has been a favourite amongst critics, bloggers, and listeners alike. Her mesmerising live shows have delighted audiences worldwide, and at Parklife you'll get your chance to experience that sensation for yourself. Also be sure to catch Katy B, whose poppy, original twists on dubstep have swept Britain and Australia off their toes. For even more dubstep, don't miss Magnetic Man, which is being hailed as the wo ...

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Ringtone Downloads - Create Your Existence Less Demanding

By: Terrance n Holmes | - Acquiring a challenging lifestyle does not necessarily mean you'll want to be distressed since of it. It doesn't signify living requirements to be regarded as a burden. Don't pressure your self an excessive quantity of and thrive on the very simple wonders of living. Folks reside in an international that is filled with tension. Exactly why do not you take advantage of the easy points available which make us smile?

Fun around makes lifestyle simpler. And would not you understand it, ...

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Do You Know Enough About The Funniest Ringtones?

By: Terrance n Holmes | - As becoming a culture we are get over throughout the day lengthy lengthy extended coping with the sounds of cell phones, would not be excellent to acquire a very small bit chuckle from other website in place of obtaining inflammed, humorous ring tones can full that. We've enroll in the stage inside of our daily existence during which the common look in regards to the telephone or definitely a cellular cellular cell phone for that matter, just is not so attractive. They are noisy and irritating. ...

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How To Read Piano Sheet Music Fast

By: Erika Nagy | - learn to play piano: Learning how to read a musical piano sheet music should not cause you to worry. You do not need to have a very high IQ to do this. All you need to do is to have the patience for constant practice and an easy-to-read musical piano sheet. If you have all these, then learning would be easier. There are tips that you can follow and hopefully these will help you as you slowly learn to read piano music.

learn how to play piano: Firstly, you need to begin by having a q ...

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Boutique Hotels In Hyderabad: Live Like Royalty

By: Ruchika | - The capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is located on the banks of the River Musi. It has nestled the royal heritage of the Nizams for centuries now. The sprawling city is South Indias counterpart of the glory of the Mughals in North India. Hyderabads rich history and glorious tradition dates back to the rule of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. The culture of the city exhibits a strong Islamic influence, which is more prominent in the old areas of the city.

The old quarters of th ...

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Buying Ocarinas: Top 10 Questions To Ask

By: Amar | - After you decide that you're going to buy an ocarina, you'll have to determine which one is your best choice. With so many choices, in different sizes and shapes, some with five holes and others with thirteen, made of wood or clay or plastic... with so many options picking the right one is difficult. Ask the following questions. When you can answer them confidently, you are ready to choose your new ocarina.

1. How far musically speaking do you want to go with your ocarina? Do you ma ...

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Luxury Hotels In Hyderabad - Your Ideal Hosts

By: Harrymax | - The capital of state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has developed unbridled in recent years. Stunningly located on the coasts of Musi River, the city mirrors great history and glittering past at the same time. The city has received a multidimensional growth, making it emerge with better looks and opportunities. All sorts of guests like top heeled and business guests visit this city and enjoy quality hospitality of luxury hotels in Hyderabad.

This one of the largest metropolitans in S ...

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Do Subliminal Messages In Music Really Exist?

By: GregFrost | - The purpose of subliminal messages is to bypass the conscious mind and deliver the message straight to the subconscious mind. All sounds enter the ear and are immediately picked up by the conscious sector of the mind. Depending on the sound that is heard, the conscious mind does not always register it. Studies have proved that even if a particular sound does not register in the conscious mind, if there are enough stimuli present in the sound, the subconscious mind automatically detects and react ...

Tags: conscious mind, how its done, mind automatically detects, subliminal messages in musi

How To Make Beats On The Computer | Music Maker Software

By: Mack Armstrong | - Are you wondering about how to make beats? Nowadays it is possible to make your personal beats over a laptop or computer. You possibly can feel like a famous musician by learning the way to make beats on your personal laptop or computer in the comfort of your home.

No, I am not kidding. You will find numerous software programs which will permit you to study how to make beats and begin mixing them. This will permit you to come up with your personal rhythms, beats and songs. Sounds ...

Tags: music maker software, make music beats, make your own beat, music beat maker, beat making programs, make your own beats, download sonic producer, musi

Viva The Music Of Valencia!

By: Gaizka Pujana | - Five days of the Fallas, where almost every street corner is a party in progress, is marked by all sorts of processions from the historical to the hysterical, all sorts of pyrotechnics from the firecrackers to the fireworks display, and all sorts of music from the brass bands to the disco speakers. In short, Valencians are people who know how to party and party they will!

With such a rich tradition of music and dance, visitors are treated to the sights and sounds, literally, of a ...

Tags: Valencia, spain, music, rock, pop, festivals, entertaiment, attractions, jazz, las Fallas, folk musi

Learn Exactly How To Practice For Audition

By: Anais Bertie | - If a person wants to act in a movie, he/she should find out where the auditions are taking place. Due to internet and cell phones, most aspiring actors, singers, models can find out where auditions are taking place. Nowadays, in internet there are various sites that provide details as to where auditions are taking place. In addition, you can submit your profile in these sites. If a director, musician is interested in your profile, they may call you. Audition is nothing but mini performance.

Tags: Auditions for Films, Movies Audition, Acting, Modeling, Musi

Enjoy Your Life With Fun Music

By: funfilms | - Music is fun, entertainment and one of the most beautiful thing to bring happiness and joy. Music has a power of stirring our inner feelings and our senses. Music is a universal language which can be spoken and understood by all.

If you've paid attention to how you respond to a variety of music, you may have noticed that some music energize you, some music can bring tears in your eyes or spark a special memory of a time, place, food, or perhaps a certain person. Some music makes you ...

Tags: fun music, music company, music production house, funny musi

How To Use Transcription Software To Improve Your Drumming

By: Stephen Flinn | - Transcription software is a valuable learning tool for any drummer, and its often much more fun to work with than a one-dimensional drum book. You see, the software isnt just intended for putting pencil to paper: todays software is ideal for play-a-long and analysis purposes.

For example, most drummers like the idea of learning from cds, but often have trouble playing along with the recordings because of the up-tempo nature in which the tracks are recorded. ...

Tags: phoenix drum lessons, scottsdale music lessons, phoenix musi

Finding A Grown Up Guitar For Small Adult Hands

By: Jim DeSantis | - When I played guitar in the 50's and 60's, I was limited by having small hands. There were certain tunes I could just not stretch to play. In those days a guitarist had to spend a couple thousand dollars for a custom made git with a short neck or resign themselves to a limited song list. That's not the case today!

Back in the day we had a pretty successful local band. We played all the "sock hops" and even made a nice living playing road gigs in the tri-state area of Ohio, New Yor ...

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By: linkisponsorowane | - Bezpiecze?stwo na solarium

# Korzystaj z solarium nie cz??ciej ni? raz dziennie i nie cz??ciej niz 3 razy w tygodniu. Mi?dzy seansami rb przerwy - dla skry normalnej jednodniowe, dla skry wra?liwej minimum dwudniowe. Twoja skra musi wypocz?? i zregenerowac si?. Biologiczny proces uzyskania pe?nej opalenizny trwa oko?o 48 godzin.

# Utrwalanie opalenizny gwarantuj? 1-2 wizyty w tygodniu.

Tags: solaria

Look What They've Done To My Church

By: Jerry Richard Boone | - Whatever happened to that early church -- the one that Jesus founded and Paul helped promulgate throughout the known world of the first century? It changed. Slowly and surely, it changed.

Warnings of Departure from the Faith

Yes, they warned us. Both Peter and Paul said it would happen. And it did.

Paul in his first letter to Timothy: "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving s ...

Tags: apostate church, history about Christianity, church organization, church doctrine, church worship, warnings, examples, human creeds, instrumental musi

The Guqin A Chinese Musical Instrument That Helped Defeat An Army

By: Jason Huang | - The guqin, or seven-stringed zither, is China's oldest stringed instrument, and as legend has it, its sweet sounds once helped defeat an army. Now this ancient instrument experiences a modern-day renaissance. Every year, NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular brings a unique opportunity to experience the magic of traditional Chinese culture, using traditional and ancient instruments. The magnificence of the backdrops, the abundant imagination, the marvelous music, the splendor of the costumes, and ...

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